Cease Fire

Cease Fire

The Leon County Sheriff’s Office recently launched our ALLinLEON campaign, a comprehensive plan to fight crime in our county. The four pronged approach includes numerous law enforcement initiatives but also relies heavily on community involvement. A critical component of ALLinLEON is getting guns out of the hands of violent offenders and as a business community, we need your help.

Cease Fire is LCSO’s new initiative, in collaboration with Big Bend Crime Stoppers, to offer monetary incentives for individuals who provide tips that lead to the seizure of guns used unlawfully and the arrest of those individuals in possession of the weapons. Tipsters can remain anonymous and receive a $1,000 reward. This is a program that has worked successfully in communities across the country, including numerous Florida counties. From 2006 to 2018, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office recovered 423 guns as a result of their gun bounty program. Like these law enforcement agencies, we are relying on donations from the Leon County business community to fund Cease Fire. Therefore, it is our hope that you view this as a worthy and impactful investment into our community and the safety of our citizens. We know that a reduction in crime contributes to a healthy and vibrant business climate as well.

For your commitment of $2,000 or more, we will list your business as an official partner in the ALLinLEON Cease Fire initiative, including your logo displayed on various promotional materials. Let’s send a strong message to those individuals in our community who result to violence and illegal activity. The Leon County Sheriff’s Office is committed to reducing crime, specifically gun violence and it is our hope that you will join in the effort. For more information on how to get involved or to make a contribution, please contact LCSO Executive Director of Community and Media Relations, Shonda Knight at knights@leoncountyfl.gov or (850) 606-3270.


LCSO reveals details of new ALLin LEON 'Cease Fire' initiative

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