Public Information Office

Angela Green is the Public Information Officer for the Leon County Sheriff’s Office. The Public Information Officer is responsible for establishing and maintaining cooperative relationships with the public as well as representatives from print and broadcast journalism and is on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The P.I.O. handles all news releases and works with the members of the Leon County Sheriff’s Office to present a positive and professional image. It is the job of the P.I.O. to “tell the organization’s story” in addition to being the conduit for the most up-to-date information provided to the public concerning all matters relating to the Leon County Sheriff’s Office. The Public Information Officer receives many media related calls and in response to media inquiries, information is researched and disseminated through print, television and radio interviews, as well as media releases. Pro-active coverage of major events, arrests, and unusual situations occurring within the scope of law enforcement work are provided as events unfold. The PIO also coordinates media coverage in an effort to assist other divisions in locating fugitives, ascertaining information pertinent to criminal investigations and finding missing persons.

As a publicly supported agency existing solely to meet the needs of the citizens of Leon County, the Sheriff's Office recognizes the citizens' right-to-know and understand circumstances surrounding current events in the community. Further, the Sheriff's Office also recognizes the role of the media in educating and informing the citizens of our community.

All members of the agency are encouraged to strive for an atmosphere of cooperation with the news media and make efforts to answer all questions, bearing in mind the rights of the accused and importance of ongoing investigations. The Leon County Sheriff's Office, through the Public Information Office, maintains regular contact with the more than twenty (20) different news media organizations within Leon County.

Contact Angela Green

On-call PIO at (850) 606-3303.